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  • What will my Experience include?

  • There are two basic types of driving experience you can enjoy.
    (i) Experience riding as a passenger in your chosen car on a date, time and duration chosen by you. The car owner will drive the car throughout the Experience.
    (ii) Experience actually driving your chosen car on a date, time and duration chosen by you. The car owner will remain in the car passenger seat throughout the Experience.
    Throughout your Experience the car owner will be happy to talk about and give you a tour of the vehicle, and an opportunity to share your mutual love of cars if you choose.

  • Where will my Experience take place? and when?

  • When you request to book a car for an Experience, the online booking tools will allow you to suggest the date and time for your Experience; this will be subject to the availability and agreement of the car owner. The booking tools also allow you to search for cars available within a desired radius from your preferred location. At the time of booking you will be able to agree with the car owner a mutually convenient location to start and conclude your Experience, as well as a suggested route to take during the Experience.

  • How long will my Experience last? and how much will it cost?

  • The online booking tools allow you to easily state your desired start and end date, and start and end time for your Experience. The hourly rate for your Experience (set by the car owner), and the total cost of your Experience is clearly stated throughout the booking process. Note: Each Experience is subject to an additional handling fee of 5% (+VAT) handling fee or minimum £5 (+VAT).

  • Am I eligible to drive the car(s)?

  • For insurance purposes if you answer NO to any of these questions we are afraid we will not be able to offer you the experience:

    • Are you aged between 25 and 75 years of age?
    • Are you and have been a permanent resident within the UK for the past two years?
    • Do you have a UK full drivers licence (category B) for at least two years?
    • Is your drivers license free of motoring convictions within the past four years (apart from up to 2 offences that have generated no more than six penalty points)?
    • Are you free from less than two fault accidents, fire or theft claims within the past three years?
    • Are you in full-time employment or retired and receiving a pension?
    • Are you free of any criminal convictions?

    Other eligibility criteria exist; please see our Terms and Conditions for details. Please also note that individual car owners are free to impose additional eligibility criteria at their discretion but are obliged to make these clear on their online car listing(s) and at the time of booking.

  • How do I book an experience?

  • Using the Search function will allow you to find and select cars you would like to "experience". Clicking on the individual links for these vehicles will bring up details of the vehicle, owner and hourly rate for the Experience. If you would like to experience the car, complete the easy-to-use Request a Booking panel to send your request directly to the car owner. Car owners will endeavour to accept or decline your request within 24 hours. On accepting your request the car owner will share their contact details to allow you both to agree a mutually desirable location for the experience.

  • How do I use my account credit for a booking?

  • To use any credit on your account, request a booking as you would normally. Once the booking is accepted and awaiting payment you will be able to apply your credit. This should be done on the individual booking page and not the payment page. You'll find the button to redeem credit underneath the "What you'll pay us" section.

  • Can I bring friends and family with me on the Experience?

  • When you make a booking, you are making an agreement that you will be the sole person participating in the Experience, apart from the car owner. Should you wish to be joined by guests during the drive, this must be agreed with the car owner prior to the Experience: Their decision is final and is completely at their discretion.

  • What should I do if I want to cancel the Experience?

  • You may cancel the booked experience by using our online platform. However you will not receive a full refund if the cancellation is made less than 48 hours before the Experience is booked to start. Cancellations made between 7 days and 48 hours before the booked Experience will allow a 50% refund of the agreed Experience fee. See our terms and conditions for further details.

  • How can I contact the car owner?

  • When your booking request has been accepted by the car owner, you will receive contact details (phone and/or email) so you can contact the car owner directly.

  • Can Drive my Pride & Joy help me if I need a special car for a special occasion?

  • Drive my Pride & Joy acts primarily to give individuals the opportunity to experience driving or riding in a selection of privately-owned cars only.

  • How can I earn extra income through Drive my Pride & Joy?

  • When you list your car(s) on Drive my Pride & Joy, you have the freedom to set your own hourly rate for both a driving experience (where the experiencer actually drives your car; with you riding as a passenger) and a riding experience (where you drive your car throughout; with the experiencer riding as a passenger). An experience fee is calculated according to the type of experience the experiencer desires, and their desired duration (number of hours) the experiencer wishes. On accepting a booking request, Drive my Pride & Joy takes the Experience Fee from the Experiencer. On fulfilling the Experience, Drive my Pride & Joy will take a 20% commission (+VAT) from the Experience Fee and pass the remainder onto you within 7 working days of the Experience being fulfilled.
    Note it is your personal responsibility to declare any income generated through Drive my Pride & Joy to HMRC.

  • Can anyone list their car on Drive my Pride and Joy?

  • A car owner listing car(s) on our site should be a UK resident, hold full UK driving licence and be registered with the DVLA as the registered keeper of the listed vehicle(s). Other requirements relating to car owners and the condition of vehicles exist; Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

  • Does Drive my Pride & Joy only accept certain types or makes of car?

  • Typically, individuals use our service because they want to experience (riding or driving) a car with a certain character, power, elegance, charm or idiosyncrasy. Examples may include everything from a vintage VW Beetle, Austin Mini or Citroën 2CV, collectable retro vehicles such as vintage Cadillacs, right through to luxury cars such as a Bentley or Rolls Royce and sports cars such as Morgan or Lamborghini. We do not actively discriminate against any particular car brands or models but we have the right to remove listed vehicles at our discretion. Please see our Terms and Conditions.

  • How can I list my car on Drive my Pride & Joy?

  • First register with us creating an online profile as a car owner. Once registered the Drive my Pride & Joy website features easy-to-use tools to create listing page(s) for your car(s) complete with your desired hourly rate for an Experience. Each listing should contain clear and appealing photos of the vehicle and accurate details of the vehicle and its condition. Listing pages automatically include a booking facility for Experiencers to use.

  • How many cars can I list on the site?

  • As many as you wish, as long as you are registered with DVLA as the registered keeper of each vehicle.

  • What about car insurance during the experience?

  • Your regular car insurance will NOT cover the use of your vehicle to fulfil a Drive my Pride & Joy experience. For that reason, we provide additional comprehensive car insurance to cover the period of each booked Experience. See our Terms and Conditions, which also explain the insurance policy and procedure should your vehicle become damaged during the Experience.

  • Can anyone drive my car(s)?

  • For insurance purposes, anyone wishing to drive your car must have held a full clean UK driving licence for at least 2 year and be over the age of 25. Other eligibility criteria exist for drivers; Please see our Terms and Conditions for details.
    In addition, individual car owners are free to impose additional driver eligibility criteria at their discretion but are obliged to make these criteria clear and unambiguous on their online car listing(s) and at the time of booking.

  • What am I expected to do on the day of the Experience?

  • Prior to the Experience, you should agree with the Experiencer a date, time, meeting location and route for the Experience. If the Experiencer wishes, part of the Experience period can be spent giving a 'tour' of the vehicle (examining the features and design, ‘looking under the bonnet’, etc.).

    Car owners are expected to be courteous, respectful, punctual and professional throughout: From the time of booking on the day of the Experience and following it. Experiencers are encouraged to provide feedback and testimonials on their experience of your vehicle.

  • What are my rights and obligations?

  • Car owners are responsible for honouring the fulfilment of the booked experience. Vehicles used must match precisely that described online at the time of booking and must meet certain mechanical and functional standards. See our Terms and Conditions for full details of your rights and obligations.